Saturday Ramblings: Coaster

So I'll be coasting, roller-coasting How are you doing? I feel so out of the loop sometimes. Recently I decided to get one of those snazzy little things called a ‘job’ which has been...interesting to say the least. You probably remember I’m also a full time student and you also probably know that it’s finals... Continue Reading →


Hey Lately I’ve been doing a lot of self reflection except instead of reflecting it’s more what are you doing and why are you doing this??? It’s tons of fun I highly recommend it, I can feel a ramble coming along and this was not my intention for today’s post but whatever. I’ve been looking... Continue Reading →

somebody that i used to know

It’s crazy how memory works. On the surface it seems pretty basic, something happens and it can trigger a past memory. For instance, everytime I see Dippin dots, I think of that one time a seagull pooped on my Princess and the Frog towel while I was at a water park. What was I doing... Continue Reading →

October 2019 Playlist

Hello Musically, October may have been one of my favorite months this year. I feel like I've finally been recovered from my music drought. October 2019 Lights Up by Harry Styles- I was so shocked when I first heard this. This song is so amazing; I also may have listened to it for an hour... Continue Reading →

how far i’ll go

i’m bored. I don’t feel like anything’s happening. I feel stagnant. I get bored pretty easily. jack of all trades, master of none. My interests change quickly and I constantly feel unmotivated and grounded. When something new comes along, I feel alive. A fire burns inside and all those little neurons start to fire in... Continue Reading →

Journal with Me

finally some spicy journaling content Hello, So if you didn’t know, I started journaling. Specifically Kpop journaling. If you don’t know what that is, I’ll explain it the same way I explained it to my grandma. It’s like scrapbooking...but with Kpop. It’s one of my favorite things to do lately. I love watching journal with... Continue Reading →

Saturday Ramblings: Goals

When I bullet journal, I always leave a place for my monthly goals. A little section on the side where I can write down what I hope to get accomplished for the upcoming month. It’s always blank. I don’t know when I stopped setting goals. I guess at some point, they just didn’t see important... Continue Reading →

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